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Elementary School

Grade 2 in the library

Imagine spending your formative elementary years surrounded by good friends and caring teachers from more than 30 countries, in a place of art, free expression, and acceptance, as you expand your budding language abilities in both French and English and gain confidence in your own voice.

That is how it is to experience learning in the FASP Elementary School. At FASP, students in grades 1-5 build on their Maternelle academic skills to become independent, critical thinkers who are ready to complete their education anywhere in the world.

It can only happen with a solid mastery of language: the key tool for freedom of thought.

At the elementary level, language is at the core of learning. Our dual-language program intensifies to help all students master both French and English during their elementary years, through a curriculum that meets the French governmental requirements and adheres to the New Jersey Public School standards-based system.

As language mastery is key in the learning process, elementary school students entering after grade 1 are required to be proficient in either English or French.

“We have had a fantastic experience with FASP over the past 2 years. We have a son and daughter in the elementary school and will definitely plan on sending our youngest once of age. Neither of our children spoke French upon entering the school and now both speak comfortably (they are not 100% fluent, but they can each converse without problems which is amazing to see). I speak French fairly well, but it is not my maternal language and I had trouble speaking to them in French at home. However, once they started to pick it up at School, it has been much easier.”

“They now teach me almost as many words as I teach them. The teachers spend a lot of time individually crafting the best learning experience for the students. The curriculum is strong and engaging. As important, they teach the kids to be good people with good values and manners. I highly recommend the learning experience for children at FASP, and bilingual education to anyone (currently French-speaking or not)!”

— Brian L., FASP parent

A leader in bilingual education for 20 years, FASP challenges students to expand their comfort zones. This ensures that they are well-prepared to travel with the ability to adapt to change while they make their unique mark on our global society.


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