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Portrait of a Graduate

2022 Graduates of FASP

When students have completed their education program at FASP we expect them:

  • To meet or exceed the expectations of both the French Ministry of Education and our NJ education standards-based programs.
  • To speak, read, and write fluently, demonstrating the skills they have acquired in both French and English Language Arts. Students will have studied works from a variety of authors, and be able to comprehend, discuss, and analyze these works.
  • To write narrative and persuasive essays, informational texts, poetry, letters, historical fiction, fiction, and non-fiction texts.
  • To be able to research given topics, write reports, and deliver oral presentations of their research projects.
  • In Math, to be able to apply problem-solving skills, and to demonstrate logical thinking and critical thinking skills in such areas as computation, measurement, algebra, geometry, probability, statistics and data organization (in our American and French standard-based classes).
  • In Science, to use a scientific method to explore and research topics in the areas of Life Science, Physical Science, and Earth Science; as well as Physics, Astronomy, Geology, and Chemistry. They will meet or exceed grade-level standards, and display their science projects at our annual Science Fair.
  • In Social Studies, to demonstrate knowledge of ancient and modern world civilizations, geography, history, and current events. They should be able to make cultural and historical connections between both French and American history.
  • In Art, to acquire knowledge about different artists and periods. We encourage self-expression, and for students to exhibit their artwork throughout the school.
  • In Music, to develop vocal and instrumental skills, develop knowledge of musical pieces, and know the historical context of musical pieces.
  • In Physical Education, to complete a measured performance, adapt their movements to different environments, express themselves through dance and gymnastics, and participate in group activities while demonstrating good sportsmanship.
  • To be able to use technology (primarily iPads) to conduct research, document, and keep track of their work. This tool is used independently and collaboratively in the majority of subject areas.

What do we expect them to be able to do with what they know?

We expect our students to use their acquired knowledge to continue to grow and further develop their intellects, curiosity, and creativity. We expect them to use their acquired skills for not only their own chosen paths but also to share their talents with their communities of today and in the future.

What qualities and characteristics do we want the students to demonstrate?

  • We expect our students and graduates to be critical and independent thinkers.
  • We expect our students and graduates to be curious.
  • We expect our students and graduates to be open-minded.
  • We expect our students and graduates to demonstrate compassion and respect towards others, the community, and the environment.
  • We expect our students to be well-rounded citizens.

See examples of schools where former FASP students and graduates are continuing their education.

Secondary School placement/transfer

FASP graduates are extremely well prepared for middle and high school. They attend International, American or French private or public schools. Here are some examples of schools where former FASP students and graduates are continuing their education.

Local Independent Schools:

  • The Lawrenceville School, Lawrenceville NJ
  • George School, Newtown PA
  • Princeton Academy of the Sacred Heart, Princeton NJ
  • Princeton Day School, Princeton NJ
  • Princeton International School of Mathematics and Science
  • St Paul School, Princeton NJ
  • Stuart Country Day School, Princeton NJ
  • The Hun School of Princeton, Princeton NJ
  • The Pennington School, Pennington, NJ

Schools in North America:

  • AWTY International School, Houston, TX
  • Ecole Internationale de New York, NY
  • French Immersion School of Washington, Seattle, WA
  • International School of Boston, MA
  • International School of Denver, CO
  • International School of the Peninsula, CA
  • Lycée francais de New York, NY
  • Lycée International of Los Angeles, CA
  • Lycée Rochambeau, French International School, MD
  • Lyceum Kennedy, NY
  • The French International School of Chicago, IL
  • The International School of Boston, MA
  • The Winsor School, Boston, MA
  • Washington International School, MA

Schools Abroad:

  • American School of Paris, France
  • Dulwich College, Seoul, South Korea
  • Ermitage International School, France
  • International French School of Tokyo, Japan
  • Lycée français de Singapour, Singapour
  • Lycée français international de Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Lycée français, Brussels, Belgium
  • Lycée français, London, UK
  • Lycée International de Sèvres (English International Section), France
  • Lycée International de St Germain-en-Laye (American section), France
  • Lycée International de Londres Winston Churchill, UK
  • Lycée Pasteur, Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Marymount International School, Paris – France
  • Zurich International School, Switzerland


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