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FASP Kindergarten

An Education for Wherever The World Takes You

There are few gifts you can give to your child greater than the ability to feel confident, capable, and prepared as they make their way through the world.

That is the gift of bilingual, multicultural education — a lifelong edge that begins in early childhood and expands as one grows, providing greater opportunities for higher-level thinking, creative exploration, and global understanding.

At the French American School of Princeton (FASP), students become bilingual and bi-literate in a diverse setting that provides a well-balanced combination of French structured learning and the American teaching methods that encourage self-confidence, creativity, free expression, and mutual respect.

The FASP Advantage

We are experts in bilingual education, have great leadership and highly qualified faculty.  Our well-structured French and American curricula ensure students study all day long in both languages.

Our double accreditation is great news for expat and local families alike. It allows for seamless transition to a network of over 566 international schools located throughout 138 countries with 390,000 students as well as countless local schools in America.

Our diversity fosters civic engagement and social emotional growth. Our international, accepting, and close-knit community embraces the cultures and traditions of their peers, making FASP students open-minded toward different people and places.

We prepare children for the future through high caliber academics and a range of vital soft skills such as collaboration, public speaking, adaptability and critical thinking. Our graduates shape the world in meaningful ways.

We are nimble in adopting updated curriculum and proactively embrace evolving educational trends including STEM and AI. Our students receive relevant and forward-thinking education in a rapidly changing landscape of global education.

We develop the whole child and emphasize student health and wellness. We recognize, respect and celebrate the dignity and unique learning styles of each of our students, giving them the tools they need to thrive in our increasingly complex world.

Fully prepared for high school success and beyond, our students graduate with excellent work habits, high engagement in class, good placement in advanced classes, and are shielded from harassment, bullying, and substance abuse issues.

We offer additional programming designed to enrich our students' educational experience. The Cinema Discovery program in middle school enhances students' understanding of film-making and develops an appreciation for the art of storytelling through film.

A leader in bilingual education for more than 20 years, we expertly steward students through their bilingual academic journeys at more affordable tuition rates.


Bilingual Education from the Parents' Perspectives

Bilingual student and her family

A Bilingual Education for an English-Speaking Family: Evelyn Morison's Story

“Why should I learn French when we live in the US and speak English?” asked six-year-old Evelyn Morison when her parents enrolled her at French American School of Princeton (FASP) in First Grade to begin her bilingual education. 

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Rashidi Family

Bilingual Education for a Multilingual Family: The Jalalian Rashidi Family’s Experience at FASP

“I never imagined that sending my son to a French bilingual school would be the key to unlocking his ability to speak Farsi at home!” exclaimed Sanaz Jalalian, parent of two sons currently attending French American School of Princeton (FASP).

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Reading Together

Bilingualism Goes Beyond Language Acquisition at French American School of Princeton

Bilingualism is a multifaceted educational experience that extends far beyond the mere acquisition of another language. “Learning to speak and understand French is the easy part,” says Corinne Güngör, Head of School at French American School of Princeton (FASP). “Our students study, learn, think, read, and live in a minimum of two languages and diverse cultures. Bilingual education at FASP provides a transformative experience that shapes young minds, fosters cultural awareness, and nurtures global citizens.”

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Hugues Merlet Testimonial

"Très bonne expérience; équipe très compétente."

Hugues Merlet

Stephanie Jones Testimonial

"When I first proposed sending our children to FASP, my husband was very skeptical. He is now a big advocate for sending our children here. The education is excellent and the care and attention paid to each child to help them with their individual strengths is a reflection of the standard of teaching and the small class sizes. The teachers know our children very well and can give us honest feedback about their progress. The staff is always very approachable and always makes time to discuss any issues that arise. The extra-curricular activities are a great new addition and the Parents Association is very active and organizes some really fun events. We are very sorry to be leaving."

Stephanie Jones

Anonymous Testimonial

"We were very happy with our daughters’ experience at FASP. The teachers were very caring yet instilled discipline and respect for others. By the end of two years, our oldest daughter had acquired good communication and comprehension skills in French, and mingled freely with both native and non-native French speaking classmates. Both our daughters loved the school, the teachers, and administrative staff, and considered the school their family outside home!"


Jennifer Tobin Testimonial

"Our two children have been attending FASP for 10 years and 6 years, and we are very satisfied. The academic program is broad and solid, based on the rigorous French system. It also includes certain aspects of the American education system, including a focus on creativity and writing. Over the years, we have found the quality of the teachers to be at a consistently high level. At 12, our daughter is truly bilingual–able to understand and appreciate literature, poetry, math, and science in two languages. What a thrill to see her writing literary analysis essays in French! And our son, 8, is progressing in the same way, having developed a strong interest in reading in both languages. We would strongly recommend this school to parents who are serious about academics and who want to give their children the advantage of bilingualism."

Jennifer Tobin

Kiyomi Tanaka-Ligner Testimonials

"FASP is a truly international school with a mix of local people and from around the world, with different backgrounds. Such diversity creates a very rich environment for the children as they learn important values for their future. We also believe the rigor and the pedagogy are excellent. We left with regrets for business reasons; both parents and children really miss FASP!"

Kiyomi Tanaka-Ligner

Mia D Testimonials

"We are incredibly lucky and proud to have a chance to share our experience at FASP. Both our children attend the school with our eldest entering his fourth year. FASP is unique as it is community based, singular in its bilingual immersion program and French education that is truly practical. The school has given our children and family an incredible international community. FASP provides a worldly education, and given the diversity of the student body, we like to say we’ve given them the world without the need to travel. Backed by proven research, the immersion program has allowed them to advance not only socially but academically as well. Probably one of our favorite aspects about the school is FASP’s commitment to provide a balance of education AND creativity, fostering art and social skills which helps them to become well rounded individuals. We can not stress how much we love FASP and it’s incredible staff of educators; they have truly given our children a gift."

Mia D.

BK Testimonial

"Our 4-year old is currently in the Pre-K 2 class at FASP. We don’t speak any French at home, and we were initially unsure of how our quiet, somewhat bashful son would adjust to the school. It’s now been 8 months since he started, and we couldn’t be happier with our decision to enroll him at FASP. The teachers have been wonderful, patient, and very supportive. I am continually impressed with the information that is taught (our son is learning concepts in pre-school that I wasn’t taught until first or second grade!), including language, writing, math, and critical thinking skills. We strongly believe that FASP is giving our son the educational foundation that he needs to excel in future schooling and beyond, and, most importantly, we’re thrilled at how confident he’s become and how happy he is to go to school every day!"


LN Testimonial

"Our daughter has been attending the school since 2003 and I believe that we have made one of best choices for her education. The school combines excellent academics with the atmosphere of support, friendship and creativity. Yes, children work harder, as they need to learn subjects in two languages, but they also learn to work together, they build lasting friendships and receive a lot of love from people at the school. We are not French speakers, and we are always amazed as our daughter feels herself completely at ease and confident as we visit foreign countries. I give this school my best recommendation."


Sarah Fuller Testimonial

"Our two children are enrolled in the FASP. It is our son’s third year and our daughter’s first. We love the school and consistently have been pleased with the quality of the teachers, the family-like atmosphere and the wonderful balance between rigorous academics and activities which encourage creativity, fun and imagination. The students create the most beautiful art projects! Although we do not speak French at home, our son speaks fluently for his level and our 4-year old daughter is also speaking French now as well. In addition to a strong scholastic program, the school offers a good variety of after-school activities and sports. Recent joint activities with the adjacent American Boychoir School add even more cultural richness. We highly recommend this school for any family interested in pursuing bilingual education."

Sarah Fuller

Famille Dubecq Testimonial

"Equipe pédagogique de très haut niveau et très accessible. Superbe structure. Confiance absolue tant dans l’apprentissage que le bien-être des enfants. Niveau scolaire élevé. Le mixage franco-anglais-canadien apporte énormément aux enfants dans l’apprentissage de la langue de l’autre, des habitudes de vie de chacun… très très enrichissant dans tous les domaines."

Famille Dubecq

MP Testimonial

"Our two children have been in pre-K at FASP for almost a year now. They started with no previous knowledge in French (or English). Both adjusted after just a few weeks and have absorbed a tremendous amount of knowledge both linguistically but also in many other ways – social interaction, art, music, pre-reading and writing. Our children are always looking forward to going to school and love their teachers, who give them the right balance of care/affection and discipline. Teaching our kids a global perspective from an early age is very important to us and we’ve been extremely happy with our choice. We would highly recommend the school, teachers and staff!"


Cecilia Rouse Testimonial

"Our two children have been attending FASP since they were each three years old (they are now in middle school and elementary school). Although we do not speak much French at home, our children have flourished at the School due to consistently high standards and excellent teachers. Further, because it is small, the entire staff knows and cares about our children, which allows them to provide highly customized instruction and support. While we initially enrolled our children so that they would have the benefit of a bilingual education, we keep them there because it’s an excellent school in general. We highly recommend it."

Cecilia Rouse

Claire B Testimonial

"We had a great experience at FASP. All the teachers our daughter had were outstanding, very dedicated, patient, and real professionals. FASP provides a very nurturing environment for children to thrive and develop. We were very sad to leave FASP due to a new relocation. I strongly recommend it to anyone."

Claire B.

Sandrine P testimonial

"Our twins have spent 3 years at FASP, from 2nd to 4th Grade before our family had to relocate. As parents, we found the school to be everything we hoped for: providing a comprehensive curriculum in a nurturing and caring environment, and a welcoming community for the whole family. We saw our children grow and learn, develop friendships and, simply, really enjoy going to school every day.

We wish FASP a continued success and wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone in the Princeton area with an interest in bilingual education."

Sandrine P.

Cecile F testimonial

"The French American School of Princeton is an impressive school. It gives the children the best of both the French and the American education. Our 2 boys – 9 and 11 years old – have been attending the school since their youngest age and are completely bilingual. Not only are they happy kids and absolutely love their school, but they also benefit from the FASP high academic standards, learn strong humanistic values, and are self-confident. The educational community is exemplary, instilling excellence, curiosity, creativity, and respect. The kindergarten, elementary and middle schools are all exceptional. We highly trust this school and are so grateful for the way they prepare our children for their future."

Cécile F.


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