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How FASP Prepared Us for High School Success: Alumni Speak Out

As graduates reminisce about their time in middle school, many credit their alma mater for laying a solid foundation for success in high school.

We caught up with several FASP alumni (Christian Hinrichs and Hannah Ploss of Princeton High School as well as Vanessa Kudelya and Gabriel Mikhno of West Windsor Plainsboro High School South) who shared their insights on how their middle school experience at FASP paved the way for a smooth transition to the challenges of high school. Read what they said below:

FASP Campus

Bilingualism is a multifaceted educational experience that extends far beyond the mere acquisition of another language. “Learning to speak and understand French is the easy part,” says Corinne Güngör, Head of School at French American School of Princeton (FASP). “Our students study, learn, think, read, and live in a minimum of two languages and diverse cultures. Bilingual education at FASP provides a transformative experience that shapes young minds, fosters cultural awareness, and nurtures global citizens.”

FASP Campus

In an increasingly interconnected world, families often find themselves relocating to different cities or countries throughout their careers. Such mobility can present challenges, particularly when it comes to providing consistent and high-quality education for their children.

French American School of Princeton is part of a large and robust network of over 566 international schools teaching the French curriculum, located throughout 138 countries with 390,000 students. 

Child in preschool working on shapes

Entering preschool marks a major milestone for any child. High-quality early childhood education in the first five years of life is critically important for brain development, socialization, and setting the stage for school readiness and positive long-term outcomes.

Many children begin their early childhood education at the age of three in preschool – a time that is exciting for both parents and children. For parents, it may mean a bit of freedom and more time to focus on work or other responsibilities. For children, it's a chance to learn new things, gain independence, and make friends for years to come.

Bilingual student and her family

“Why should I learn French when we live in the US and speak English?” asked six-year-old Evelyn Morison when her parents enrolled her at French American School of Princeton (FASP) in First Grade to begin her bilingual education. It’s a question asked by many English-speaking families when exploring private school options in Princeton, NJ.


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French American School of Princeton prepares students for success.