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French American School of Princeton Prepares Mobile Families and Students for Success

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French American School of Princeton Prepares Mobile Families and Students for Success

French American Schools Offer Consistency and Mobility in Education

In an increasingly interconnected world, families often find themselves relocating to different cities or countries throughout their careers. Such mobility can present challenges, particularly when it comes to providing consistent and high-quality education for their children.

French American School of Princeton is part of a large and robust network of over 566 international schools teaching the French curriculum, located throughout 138 countries with 390,000 students. Although these schools are not affiliated, many share dual accreditation by their state/local accreditation body as well as by the Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE) through the French Ministry of Education, ensuring consistency throughout children’s bilingual educational journeys.

This unofficial network can be an educational game-changer for mobile families, offering numerous advantages, not only in terms of language immersion but also in providing a seamless educational experience across different locations.

French American Schools: Welcoming and Diverse Communities

A key benefit of being part of a French American school is the opportunity for students to develop fluency in both French and English. By immersing children in a bilingual and multicultural environment from an early age, French American schools foster a deep understanding and appreciation of both languages and cultures. Bilingualism not only enhances students' cognitive abilities and critical thinking skills but also opens doors to future academic and professional opportunities. Exposure to different cultures enriches students' global perspectives, making them more adaptable and open-minded individuals.

French American schools are not reserved for French or French-speaking expatriate families. They welcome a diverse community with dozens of different nationalities, many bicultural families, as well as local American families eager to give their children a global understanding of the world and expose them to multiculturalism. In a diverse school setting, where families, faculty, and staff come from all over the world, students are curious and excited to learn about each other’s culture and heritage. Children feel valued for who they are. They feel secure in their identity, which boosts their self-confidence. 

Faculty, staff, and students at French American schools welcome new families every year. They are attentive to the fact that new students feel accepted in their new community in order to ensure a smooth transition. It is much easier when your child is not the only new student, and when other students remember that, not long ago, they were the new ones.

Beyond teaching language skills, French American schools provide students with a global understanding of the world, making them more open-minded, more creative, and better problem-solvers. The diversity of their communities allows its members to grow confident and tolerant. French American schools prepare students to be at home in the world.

Seamless Transitions Between Schools

For families who may relocate to different cities or countries throughout their careers, consistency in their children's education is crucial. One of the significant advantages of joining a French American school accredited by AEFE is the potential for a seamless transition in terms of academics. When moving from one French American school to another, students can expect a similar curriculum, teaching methodologies, and academic standards. This ensures that children experience minimal disruption to their education and can continue their learning journey without missing a beat. Whether a family moves from Princeton to New York City, San Francisco, Washington State, or abroad, their child will find a familiar educational environment within the network. Each French American school has its own unique culture and personality, so parents are encouraged to thoroughly research, visit, and explore before making any transitions.

Consistency in Educational Values and Philosophy

When families move from one city or region to another, finding a school that aligns with their educational values and philosophy can be a daunting task. By being part of a French American school, families can ensure a consistent educational approach regardless of location. AEFE accredited schools in North America typically adhere to shared principles and standards, focusing on academic excellence in both English and French, holistic development, and multicultural understanding. This consistency provides families with peace of mind, knowing that their children will receive a high-quality education rooted in the same values, regardless of where their career may take them.

For families who are increasingly mobile, joining a school accredited by AEFE offers invaluable benefits. From promoting language proficiency and cultural immersion to providing a seamless educational transition between schools, the advantages are many. Consistency in educational values and philosophy across the network ensures that children receive a consistent, high-quality education regardless of their geographic location. By enrolling child(ren) at French American School of Princeton, families living in central New Jersey now can provide their children with a globally-oriented education that prepares them for a rapidly changing world.


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