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The FASP Yearbook is a beautiful keepsake and photo album, published annually thanks to a dedicated team of parent volunteers, which captures and celebrates class life and school events of the school year for our students and their families, our teachers, and staff.

Memories Last Forever. This photo book in FULL COLOR is a place where your child can keep their school memories for a lifetime!

How to order?

The 2023/24 Yearbook is $49.24 for the softcover edition and $55.44 for the hardcover. Please visit Treering to order and login using the school code provided in the FASP Insider. There is a 10% discount for all orders placed before October 31.

Free Custom Pages

Treering yearbooks give you the opportunity to personalize your child’s copy with custom pages. These custom pages, designed by you, will only be printed in YOUR CHILD’s photo book.

On your child’s home page upon logging into Treering, you will see a button "Edit Custom Pages." Click that button and you are on your way to personalizing your child’s unique yearbook. From there you can change the background, layout, add personal pictures, and add text and graphics. If you have more than one child at FASP, with custom pages, each child can have their own special photo album that would otherwise be the same.

Two free custom pages are included with your yearbook purchase. Additional pages can be purchased for $0.99 for two pages.

Create Free Custom Pages

Yearbook Recognition Ads

There is no better way to applaud your child’s achievements, thank the teachers who have made an impact on your child's educational journey, and celebrate friendships that have developed than a tribute in the yearbook. Recognition ads (unlike the Custom Pages described above) are printed in ALL yearbooks for everyone to see and enjoy. Celebrate with words of congratulation, praise, and encouragement!

Create a Recognition Ad

Yearbook Business Ads

In addition to providing local businesses great exposure, proceeds from all ads allow us to provide yearbooks for all faculty and staff, and raise funds for school projects that will benefit our students.

Learn More About Business Ads

FASP is helping plant trees!

FASP is a Treering Green Yearbook School since 2016! Treering is a company committed to the environment. All pages are printed on recycled paper and one tree is planted for every yearbook sold. Additionally, Treering only prints as many yearbooks as are ordered. There are no extra unsold copies and so less paper is wasted.

For more information about Treering and its promise to plant a tree for every yearbook sold, click on the image below. Thank you for your support and thank you Treering for your wonderful mission!

About Treering

In keeping with the school’s support of technological innovation and environmental awareness, we are pleased to continue to partner with Treering, our yearbook publisher since 2016. Treering is a technology company based in Silicon Valley, CA that provides an innovative and environmentally-friendly approach to the traditional yearbook industry. Here is a short video that introduces you to Treering:

Here are three reasons we chose Treering: 

  • Custom Yearbooks:  Every student gets a one of a kind printed copy containing two free pages to customize with personal photos. Your two free custom pages are optional if you don’t customize you’ll receive a standard yearbook.
  • Green Yearbooks:  Treering plants a tree in our school’s name when you purchase a book and prints on recycled paper.
  • Beautiful Yearbooks:  All yearbooks are gorgeously printed in full color using the highest end print production available.